conocer a cristobal gabarron

                 WEBQUEST    BY   Mª CRUZ ÁLVAREZ ÁLVAREZ   PLACE:    Computer class COURSE:   3º Level of English INTRODUCTION:  Cristobal Gabarron is a well-known artist, a painter and a sculptor. He has done important works in Spain as well as in different countries. Cristobal Gabarron´s Foundation give international awards to the different arts. TASK: Trace his works along the years and in the different cities.What are the different cities like? Important features, landmarks, gastronomy.  PROCESS: Work in groups of 4 or 5. -        Look through the lists of resources.-        Search the information according to the different places and works.-        Take notes, print and save your work.-        Organise and present all your material in a personal and logical way.-        Use your own vocabulary.  RESOURCES:  -Biographies.- Google- web pages   PRESENTATION: BLOG  COMMUNICATIVE AIM ·        To present places and works.·        To be able to surf the net·        To tell a story GRAMMAR ·        Adverbial connectives·        Prepositions·        Present perfect·        Past Perfect·        Past simple VOCABULARY ·        Describing places and sights·        Art·        Sport·        Food·        Telling biographies           WEB PAGES 
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